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Huck Finn

I just ordered Huckleberry Finn, after discussing Mark Twain with a friend this weekend.

I read it way too early in high school. Time to find out what I think as an adult.

A prof once told me all American writers owe a debt to Twain,* because every American writer we were influenced by had been influenced by him, or a writer who had, or a writer . . . on up the chain.

I mentioned that to a smart friend who said he'd read Huck as an adult, and liked it, except for the last few chapters. So . . . why not? It's a quick, easy read. (Though I'm sure I'll slow it down with massive underlining. haha.)

* Or maybe Hemingway said that.

Huck Finn Mark Twain Huckleberry

Update: It came Tuesday night (got to love that same-day delivery in Manhattan), plunged in this morning, and loving it! And what an inspiration for my gay soldiers book.

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