Another PARKLAND deadline, DONE!

This was the biggest round of Parkland rewrites. Whew! So glad to have that done. I sadly stressed Harper's production people by the level of changes, but had to be done. Got to make this book tight. BTW, it's available for pre-order at all the usual places, in all formats. Links at my site (and full title) here: Parkland: Birth of a Movement. In the pic, that's a mix of the copy-editor's marks and mostly mine. I'm about to dive into writing the epilogue. And working on the endnotes. And a few more scenes to rewrite. And TKs. And more tweaks. And two researchers still maniacally fact-checking with me. Whew! (I think I already said that, but still feeling it. Haha.) So much still to do. Seems

Vote for Columbine: finalist for Goodreads 'Best of the Best' of past 10 years

OK, that was a long title. :) Goodreads is doing its annual Goodreads Choice Awards, and for the 10th anniversary, they have a "Best of the Best" category for favorite overall winner of the past 10 years. Columbine is a finalist so spread the word to vote. (It won Best Nonfiction book of 2009, making it eligible, but they only nominated a fraction of the prior winners.) 1st round voting ends Sunday. I put finalist in quotes, because there are about 160 of us. But if I could make it to the second round, that would be great. Vote here--please forward: Winning this--or just advancing a round--would also help raise awareness of my next

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