Bookniture: MoMA's collapsible origami stool

I want one. I just saw this clever stool from MoMA on The Millions' gift guide for writers. I want to finish my gay soldiers book with it as a standing writing desk part-time: it elevates my regular desk, then it folds out of the way--into a book! It's hard to believe it can collapse into a book to store on my bookshelf, but folds out to a round stool that can hold a half ton of weight. It's made of corrugated cardboard so it's incredibly light, but looks cool. The video was convincing:

Big B&N sale ends today

This weekend, it's 20% off your entire order (off the already discounted online price). code: GIVETHANKS. They rarely do this. Usually it's a single item. I ordered a slew of books for Christmas. Yes, I'm THAT uncle. haha.

Autographed 'Columbine' copies in Chicago

I'm back in Chicago for a death in the family right now (which had the bonus of bringing me in for Thanksgiving.) I stopped in at a few bookstores, and signed a dozen expanded editions of Columbine at Barnes & Noble Schaumburg, and 8 at Barbara's Books at O’Hare, terminals K and G. Order info here. They will be part of a big Black Friday autographed display at the B&N in Schaumburg (on Golf Rd), but you can ask or call for them any time. Update: These copies should last a bit, but I'll be back in Chicago for Christmas, flying through the Delta terminal at O'Hare (whatever that is), so I'll sign whatever they have again then.

Times of London examines America's mass murders

Josh Glancy did a great job in the Times of London examining why America keeps facing these mass murders. He quoted me extensively, and points out that Columbine created the template for these, but is no longer on the top ten list — itself a big part of the problem. The horrors are rare in other countries, and Josh has a lot of insight on why. I will be citing this piece.

The Silmarillion, my favorite JRR Tolkien

I just reviewed a few books for Goodreads and decided to share one of them here: I read J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion after Lord of the Rings, and liked it even more. It added such glorious context and scope to the elves' struggles over thousands of years. It gave me a greater appreciation and love for the LOTR characters — as well as an amazing work in its own right, of course. The only part I didn't love—at all!—was the intro section on the creation of the world, which seems to put so many people off. (And it is nothing like the rest of the book.) If that bothers you at all, either skim or skip past it and return to it later, once you're hooked, which you will be if you liked Tolkien's

Huck Finn

I just ordered Huckleberry Finn, after discussing Mark Twain with a friend this weekend. I read it way too early in high school. Time to find out what I think as an adult. A prof once told me all American writers owe a debt to Twain,* because every American writer we were influenced by had been influenced by him, or a writer who had, or a writer . . . on up the chain. I mentioned that to a smart friend who said he'd read Huck as an adult, and liked it, except for the last few chapters. So . . . why not? It's a quick, easy read. (Though I'm sure I'll slow it down with massive underlining. haha.) * Or maybe Hemingway said that. Update: It came Tuesday night (got to love that same-day delivery

Autographed copies of 'Columbine'

I had to ride down toward SoHo to see my doc yesterday (small issue--plus time for my regular STD tests), so I stopped in McNally Jackson Books and Barnes & Noble Union Square to autograph copies of Columbine (expanded edition, of course). I did 8 copies at B&N, 3 at McNally Jackson Book. They both ship worldwide. Order info. (I will try to get back to The Strand very soon.)

Korean media on new 'Columbine' translation

A Korean translation of Columbine was released this fall, and apparently it's drawing lots of positive coverage in Korea. (I have to take my publisher's word that it's good, since I can't read Korean. Just kidding, mostly. They are a very respected publishing house, so I trust them. I just thought it was funny that anything could be printed there and how would I know?) I'd love to hear from any of you who can read Korean. Here are some links: Chosun Ilbo Kyunghyang Maeil Hankook Ilbo Seoul Daily This edition includes the 50 pages of new material in the expanded edition, including the new epilogue. Links here to order the Korean translation (or the English version in Korea.) I just did a leng

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