Come to West Point's gay-straight alliance gala

This will be my third straight year going to the event, and it's becoming one of the highlights of my year. I wrote this Vanity Fair piece about my first surprising time. It's open to the public, and I encourage you to consider coming. If you've never seen West Point, that's a treat in itself, and you can go on the guided tour in the afternoon. Tickets are $70, which fund the wonderful gay-straight alliance, but there's a $20 early-bird discount that ends tomorrow, Jan 31. The event is April 1, at West Point, an hour drive north of NYC. It's only the 6th year of the event, and they keep improving and expanding it. Last year, one of the speakers was the first openly-gay Secretary of the Army,

Prepping my PC for 'Victoria' on PBS Masterpiece

Sitting down for an episode of Victoria means opening up a bunch of browser windows. This shit is complicated! I could not decode this show without google and wikipedia. Here's a smattering of what I've opened: Biggest surprise: Just how tiny and insignificant Coburg was! Look at that scale: it's like 30km wide. She and Albert were grandchildren of the "Duke" of small county without a population center. They came a long way. I was loving the first few episodes, but last night's really pissed me off. Either the series or wikipedia invented a complete fiction of Victoria's romance with Albert. (No conspiracy theorists, not wiki.) Why do people who film history think it's OK to lie about it? An

Dylan Klebold's full journal added to revamped Columbine Guide

I am nearly through overhauling The Columbine Guide. I've just added the full contents of Dylan Klebold's journal, broken chronologically onto 3 web pages. Here's what it looks like, with one of Dylan's hearts pages inset: Update: Since then, I have continued adding new pages, with more info. And more on Columbine.

Site redesign

If you're here, you have obviously seen my new page design. (If this is your first time, the site was completely different yesterday, white text on black background, etc.) Let me know of broken links, readability issue or other problems. (Or if you like it.) I'll post news and updates here periodically. I believe you can subscribe, but I'm not sure how yet. Haha. Soon. New system. Update: I've radically changed the design since this first post. I hope you like the changes. Let me know.

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