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'When a shooting strikes': added to Columbine Tools

It sickens me that I had to do this 18 years after Columbine, but I finally added a "When A Shooting Strikes" resource.

When shooting strikes--Columbine, school shootings, Dave Cullen

I kept it simple, with the basics:

1. What to do if you ever face a gunman, and what to teach family and friends. The Run, Hide, Fight concept was popularized just in the past few years, which is a fantastic development. It is simple, easy to remember and to teach kids, and tells you 99% of what you need to know in three words. One key point, though:

Follow those steps in order: Only hide if it's impossible to run, and only fight as a last resort.

There are several short, excellent videos, which I urge you to watch. They flesh out the ideas succinctly, and provide great examples, with visuals that you are likely to remember, particularly on ways to fight back.

I also included the main side of the TSA's great active shooter pocket card, and a link to download the full card.

2. Interpreting media coverage: Luckily, the vast majority of you won't face a shooter, but you will be inundated by media reports of these. There is a lot you should know, and a good start the Skeptic's Guide to Media Coverage of Mass Shootings which I wrote for The New Republic in 2015.

3. What we can do: I've written a new epilogue for the expanded edition of Columbine, to address two key strategies to curtail this blight. I outline them, and link to a free excerpt from the epilogue.

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