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Dave Cullen speaking Hersey High, Columbine Sue Klebold
Dave Cullen speaking Cosby High, Columbine Sue Klebold

I have spoken at dozens of high schools and colleges throughout the U.S. and in Europe. At high schools, I typically do an all-school assembly for 60 to 90 minutes, with about half of that Q&A. I'm happy to sign books afterward, and frequently add on a smaller class or lunch group before the main event.

Popular Topics

  • How students can make an impact (Parkland and Beyond)

  • Lessons of Columbine: Focus on Teen depression

  • Overcoming Trauma/adversity

  • Tolerance

  • Writing / Narrative Journalism

  • Gay/Transgender soldiers


Full video of recent presentation below.


To inquire about honorarium and expenses, contact Marc Greenawalt at

Columbine author to Cosby High students on depression--Dave Cullen, Sue Klebold
Dave Cullen Quartet, Books & Books, Miami book tour Coral Gables, Columbine

​— Columbia Journalism Review

— GQ

— Times of London

— Slate

— Newsweek

— Book Riot

— Philadelphia Inquirer

—  Vox

— Daily Beast

— Huffington Post

— New York Post

—  Anderson Cooper

—  Rachel Maddow

— Chris Hayes

"Accomplishes an astonishing number of things in compelling, articulate prose . . .

Most remarkable is Cullen's ability to present an onslaught of facts while recreating such anguish and fear. Columbine is a valuable historic resource, but it roils the heart, too."

— Miami Herald

Columbine Top 10 True Crime books, best Dave Cullen

"If I made a list of books that all journalists should read,

Columbine by Dave Cullen would be near the top."

— Poynter Institute

"The fascinating book Columbine, which I have read two times and seriously recommend . . .

It is essential reading if you want to understand anything about active shooter situations."

— Anderson Cooper


What's amazing is how much of Cullen's book still comes as a surprise."

— New York Times Book Review


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