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Columbine Print Interviews

I sat for more than a hundred interviews around publication time of Columbine in 2009. I think you will find these are among the most interesting. (And I added a significant recent one):

Parkland Print interviews

Coming in early 2019



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Dave has been a frequent analyst on NBC Nightly News, Nightline, PBS Newshour, Today, Morning Edition, CBS Sunday Morning, The Nineties, CBSN, Anderson Cooper 360, Rachel Maddow, All In With Chris Hayes, CBS This Morning, The Nineties, All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, The Takeaway, Deadline: Whitehouse, Lawrence O'Donnell, Katie, Hannity, and documentaries on National Geographic, CNN,  Showtime, Spike, New York Times, etc.

  "I urge you to read it. I've read it two or three times. It's just an incredible read.  

  It changed my whole perspective on this."  

          — Anderson Cooper          

My Columbine page has resources on that tragedy and school shootings. My gay soldiers book page has a great deal on gays in the military, including pictures of me as a (gay) infantry soldier.

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