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Autographed copies

Autographed Parkland and Columbine copies are now available. I regularly sign at stores near me in Brooklyn. Covid complicated that, but I'm back on it.

Dave Cullen autographed Parkland Columbine EWA conference 2019

Stores Near Me (Brooklyn)

If you want a book personally inscribed, call Word Bookstore, Greenpoint to purchase it and tell them not to ship till I come in to sign it to you. Then email me and I'll do it. 718-383-0096. (They're right near my gym.)

  • Barnes & Noble (Union Square, Manhattan): June 11, 2022  (212) 253-0810. Signed 1 copy of Columbine, 3 of Parkland.

  • Word Books in Brooklyn (Greenpoint): May 17, 2022 (718) 383-0096. Signed 1 copy of Columbine. They are super small and can only stock 1 copy at a time. If you call and tell them you want a copy, they'll order it and then I'll come in to sign and/or inscribe for you any time. (They're right near my gym.)

  • McNally Jackson Books in Williamsburg: Nov 13, 2021. Signed 1 copy each of Columbine and Parkland. I hope to keep signed copies in stock there. They took my number to alert me when they get more. Call to order: 718-387-0115. (And tell them you saw it on my site.)

Dave Cullen autographed Parkland Shakespeare & Co NYC

Additional SIgnings

  • O'Hare Barbara's Bookstores, near gates E5, G1 and H5. Nov 10, 2021: I signed several copies of both books at those 3 stores. (If they're out, they are happy to call those other O'Hare stores to check for you. They're all close.)

Thanks to all the indies and B&N for featuring Columbine in displays at so many stores for so many years. The video is me signing copies for a lot of students at Holy Name High School in Westminster, Colorado, on a trip to Denver and Boulder.

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