Tolstoy gives his narrator omniscience in Anna Karenina, but...

Tolstoy gives his narrator omniscience in Anna Karenina, but he's selectively omniscient. Is that uncommon? He made me question where I got some devices I used in Columbine, which I thought had come from Faulkner. Faulkner probably got a lot of ideas from Tolstoy. I just noticed how relieved I was to hear from the servants about Dolly's visit to Anna, and marked "Objective!" in the margin. Even though the narrator had shown us the visit from many POVs, and gone deep into their heads repeatedly, illustrating how they were hearing the same exchanges differently . . . "he" (the narrator) never told us which was "true." It wasn't till the ride home, when Dolly had the urge to ask her servants--a

Unveiling the Frank DeAngelis Center

What a beautiful sight: Unveiling of the new first responder training ground, named after Frank DeAngelis, Columbine principal during the tragedy and aftermath. They surprised him with it —you can see his emotional reaction in the video at this Denver 9News story. Well done. And big thank you to all first responders past, present and future. (Especially those at Columbine that awful day.) (This happened last week, just before the 18th anniversary. I meant to post earlier about it, but it's been hectic here.)

The right shade of aqua

Searching for the right apartment colors in April 2011, I snapped this shot of a PBS/Masterpiece show off the TV. I still love that blue, but I went for a lighter, creamier version for most of the walls in my office, with a royal blue for the accent wall. I wouldn't mind the rest of that space someday, either. :) I love the archways and all the moldings, and . . . not exactly that guy--especially since his character was such a dick--but a variation, for sure. :) #TBT

I signed expanded Columbine copies at 3 NYC stores

The weather got gorgeous, so I hopped on a citibike and signed copies of the expanded version of Columbine at 3 New York City bookstores. They all ship worldwide. Click MORE in the menu, and then Buy Columbine for order info. (I try to keep a supply at at least one of them most of the time.) Big thanks to the 4th floor staff at Barnes & Noble Union Square for helping me out, and for trying out the book on different tables recently. It's currently at their True Crime table. I posted a story about it at Instagram, with a really nice woman from the staff helping, but I forgot to get her name! Drat! Sorry. She was great.

Today's obsession: Tolstoy and English kings

So which will I obsess over today? I didn't even realize as I was ordering them that I was pairing up my dueling obsessions: the Russian novelists and English history. (And let's face it, hate-reading all the trashy history of its monarchy. haha.) I've been craving this Nabokov (because it's Nabokov and) I heard he named Anna Karenina the greatest of all time. (Which actually puzzled me halfway through, as it was gorgeous, but plodding. Just before the halfway point, 400 pages in, it took off like a shot, and hasn't slowed for a second.) I can't wait to hear what he has to say. I kept putting off ordering it, because I knew I'd be tempted to peek, and that was just ASKING for spoilers. I

High school journalists shame phony principal out

This made my heart sing. These amazing high school kids investigated their new principal's bogus credentials for 3 weeks, published their investigation in the student newspaper, and 4 days later, she resigned. Great story about them in the Washington Post. The go to Pittsburg High in southeastern Kansas, and their paper is called the Booster Redux. Great job. My new heroes. Update: Two of them were on Jake Tapper's CNN show Thursday. They were great. Google it.

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