New Korean COLUMBINE translation

Columbine has just been translated into Korean. It's on sale in South Korea now. (See below for international ordering.) My copies haven't even arrived yet, but I'm looking forward to my Korean friends and sister-in-law giving it a read and sharing their thoughts. It's been a long time coming and nice to see it finally here. And all the new material from the expanded U.S. editions is included. That made me happy. I've got a great Korean publisher, Munhakdongne Publishing Group, and I've been getting great feedback on the cover. (And I'm so glad to see they pictured no killers there.) At least two big Korean online booksellers provide international delivery, and you can order it from them: YE

My mom died

My mom died last week, on Monday, in her sleep. So sad to lose her, but her slow decline and death brought my many siblings closer together. She was 84 and lived a full life. This was a long time coming, so she didn't take us by surprise, but still . . . I imagine it will be awhile before I know all the ways it will hurt. Thanks for all the love. The funeral was Friday, and I'm back home in NYC now, and last week was kind of what I expected, but this week is not. I'm just lethargic, my body seems heavy, hard to drag around. Today it's not as bad for some reason. Hopefully each day (or a lot of days) will get better. Here are a few of my last photos with her, 3-4 days before, taken at hospice

Signed 'Columbine' copies around Chicago

I had a rough week with my mom. More on that soon, once I'm ready to face it, but while visiting with my family, I took a little joy in signing copies of Columbine around various suburbs: Barnes & Noble Old Orchard, IL. Barnes & Noble Schaumburg, IL. Barnes & Noble Bloomingdale, IL. Barbara's Bookstores at O'Hare, at the G, H, and K concourses.

A Bobby Sneakers day!

This puts a big smile in my Monday. Today will be a Bobby Sneakers day! I'm heading down to look after him at his place in Tribeca. I'll be doing that . . . soon. Haha. As soon as I can get my shit together. I need my coffee and breakfast, and organize my work for the day, pack up, and ride down there. (Cardio, too! And maybe I'll sign some Columbine copies on the way.) The sooner I can do all that, the more Bobby and I can hang. :) Can't wait to see him. Here's our trip to Central Park this spring:

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