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Vote for Columbine: finalist for Goodreads 'Best of the Best' of past 10 years

OK, that was a long title. :)

Goodreads is doing its annual Goodreads Choice Awards, and for the 10th anniversary, they have a "Best of the Best" category for favorite overall winner of the past 10 years. Columbine is a finalist so spread the word to vote.

(It won Best Nonfiction book of 2009, making it eligible, but they only nominated a fraction of the prior winners.)

1st round voting ends Sunday.

I put finalist in quotes, because there are about 160 of us. But if I could make it to the second round, that would be great.

Vote here--please forward:

Winning this--or just advancing a round--would also help raise awareness of my next book, Parkland: Birth of a Movement, which is now available for pre-order.

BTW, Goodreads is huge now: 80 million members worldwide (half in the U.S.).

Goodreads Choice Awards 2018 Columbine, Best of the Best

Update: It didn't win. No surprise, but much thanks to everyone who voted.

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