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Move info

New address:

the ultimate brokeback forum has its own site 

For a host of technical reasons beyond Dave’s technical ability, he needed to turn his website over to a service that can handle much of the work—and it can’t support the massive Brokeback forum database. Dave wants the forum to proceed, so the solution was simple: just split Dave’s personal pages and the Brokeback Mountain forum to two separate web addresses. Everything else remains the same. We made the move Jan 4, 2017.

Future issues: Check here
Technical issues

During Future technical issues: Check here

Last update: Jan 17, 2017, 1pm EST

In the past, we've had occasional technical issues bringing the forum down, and could not communicate with you, because when the forum database crashed, it took my site down with it. (Which was actually a major problem for me professionally sometimes. It also knocked my email address out without me knowing it at other times.) Linda reached many of you on a popular Facebook page, but not everyone is on Facebook, or knows to look there. Now we have an independent site, so if there are ever issues bringing the forum down, check in here. (Bookmark this page.)

Brokeback Guide & book

All Migration issues resolved

During the move, we kept you updated on various technical issues here. The last of them were resolved Jan. 17, so we should be home free. Contact a mod or email me if you see any issues. And thanks for being members.

Brokeback Mountain guide and book

These migrated, too. The links remain on the top of every forum page.

Focus Features Q&A

Focus published a Q&A with Dave about the site in October 2018.

My gay soldiers book page has much more on gays in the military.

My Columbine page has much more information and tools on the tragedy and school shootings.

Now covering Parkland / #NeverAgain for Vanity Fair.

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