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Chinese translation of COLUMBINE coming

Exciting news. A Chinese publisher just bought Columbine.

When the book came out, I was kind of amazed by the reception in the U.S., which also surprised the publishing industry. It hadn't sold in translation, because hardly anyone in the business thought anyone would buy it.

And then the tenth anniversary was past, so a lot of foreign publishers felt it was too late, and it only sold into Japanese translation.

It took a second decade, but more have been coming. It was published in Korean about a year ago, and Brazilian and Russian publishers bought the rights last year, and are working on Portuguese and Russian translations. (Due probably 2020.)

Now China, which had long been a dream. (Just 1.2 billion people speaking some form of Chinese. No biggie.

It will take about two years.

Columbine was also be much more available around the globe in English-speaking countries, too. It was published by a small UK press in 2009, and went out of print several years ago. But a major UK publisher (part of Hachette), bought the rights to both Parkland and Columbine, and will publish them simultaneously next month, February 14.

That will make them readily-available in UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and I think India, and several other countries.

I'm writing a new preface for Columbine, and it will have all the extended material we've added over the years.

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