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Vanity Fair preview of my Parkland book

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I worked for months on the big Vanity Fair print piece on the Parkland kids, but when it finally hit newsstands this fall, I was so locked pounding out the book, I never stopped to post about it here.

I will confess that I was also a tiny bit apprehensive at the time that it might cannibalize a lot of the book's story, since the book was supposed to be done short and fast, a max of 50,000 words.

Well, I just had too much material, and kept writing, and turned in 75,000, assuming my editor would make tough cuts. She said it really worked at that length, and made lots of cuts line by line, but very few scenes.

And of course the kids never stopped moving, and I kept following them and adding. So much has happened since then. I just checked the latest draft, and we're up to 90,000 words! (Plus nearly 20,000 in endnotes and bib.)

This Vanity Fair story is just a taste. But I hope you like it.

We are tackling loose ends on Parkland: Birth of a Movement now. It will be out Feb 12, 2019, and is available for pre-order at all the usual places, with links at my site.

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