17 Minutes Is Not Enough: How The Parkland Walkout Erupted Into A Mini-Rebellion.

I'm a few days behind posting this, because I was crazy busy in the field in Parkland reporting my next Vanity Fair piece (which will go up later this week).

We did not plan to publish a story on the student walkouts, because they didn't plan a big event at Douglas--and with no press access, except watching from afar over the fence.

But then something beautiful happened. So I called my editor, and he said go for it.

Here's what happened:

Parkland Douglas school walkout Vanity Fair MSD #NeverAgain Never Again

My earlier Vanity Fair piece on the Parkland kids' lightening strike on Tallahassee is here.

You can read all my Parkland coverage here.

Note: All this Parkland work may delay my gay soldiers book slightly, but I'll return to it soon. And the expanded edition of Columbine is still available everywhere.

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