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Russian and Portuguese translations of 'Columbine' just announced

This is exciting news for me. I get emails from readers all the time asking if the book is available in their native language, and sadly, I usually have to say no.

The Russian publisher EKSMO will publish Columbine under it's Like Book imprint, and plans to publish it in 18 months. (Translations and everything else takes awhile.)

The Brazilian publisher DarkSide will translate to Portuguese and publish there. (I assume they will offer export for Portuguese readers around the world.) They didn't provide a publication date. They have a huge fan base: 900,000 likes on their facebook page.

Russia gave me an unexpected thrill (because I'm secretly part of Trump's Russian cabal--hahaha. Actually, because Vladimir Nabokov is my literary hero, and Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are right up there, and I get a warm fuzzy I can't quite explain knowing I'll be beside them in some small way. It still puzzles me that I feel the greatest affinity to 19th Century Russians. (That's kind of a stretch on Nabokov--he was born in 1899, so technically grazed that century, but he came of age under the Tsar (his father was Tsar Alexander's justice minister).

This is actually coincidental to the Parkland tragedy. It actually came up because Russia has sadly been hit by a series of school stabbings, each idolizing the Columbine killers, which caused huge consternation there, so several Russian TV networks had me on to talk about it. (I thought I posted about it here, but only did on instagram, here.)

I talked to my agent about whether perhaps a Russian publisher might be interested. She thought it was a good idea, and actually checked back in with a few countries, and two of them were. Sadly, this situation has not gone away. I'm really hopeful that the #NeverAgain movement is the first big step in putting an end to this.

Columbine Korean Dave Cullen translation

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