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Columbine just made Esquire's All-Time True Crime Best List

It was cool to wake up and see Columbine on Esquire's list of The 25 Best True Crime Books Every Person Should Read. Sadly, they had to say it is "more important now than ever."

That makes nine all-time true crime best lists that I'm aware of, though I only started keeping track in the last year. (I think it takes awhile for a book to settle onto these lists, though. It's too soon to know when it's a new book and first-time author.)

Esquire Best True Crime Columbine 'In Cold Blood' 'Devil in the White City' 'Dominick Dunne'

It reads:

In an age when school shootings take place in America nearly every day, it can become way too easy to tune them out. Dave Cullen’s reportage on the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999 is more important now than ever. Even as he details how Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold managed to plan and execute a massacre, he is careful to give dignity to all involved--the teachers, the students, their parents.

And if you want to read Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's journals or dig into much more about the tragedy, I have a wealth of resources at my Columbine Guide.

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