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Loving the book too: 'Call Me By Your Name'

Well I'm only on p. 13, but I generally know right away when I fall for a book, and this had me from page 1.

It's also really interesting to see how it plays out in prose. It was so wondrous on screen, but it was hard to picture all that being described, without sounding corny or . . . something. But it feels effortless, wonderful. It's all about establishing the voice.

It's such a great voice, which comes through a bit in the film, but is mostly lost. The book can't bring everything the film does, but vice versa.

I really only expected to check out a handful of scenes, because I rarely get much out of a book--enough to justify a long read, at least--after the film has delivered all the spoilers. But the feelings they both are provoking--maybe that will be enough.

Reading great stuff always helps me with my own writing, and the fumbling toward accepting his gayness my also inform my gay soldiers book. We'll see how much bleeds in.

(I read a lot of great stuff while writing Columbine, and I can see each of them in there now.)

(I adored the film and, wrote about it earlier this week.)

We'll see. I have no particular goal or need to read the entire book, just as long as I keep learning, and enjoying.

BTW, I think I like the original cover better (shown here):

Call Me By Your Name original cover gay soldiers Andre Aciman

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