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Call Me By Your Name: beautiful

I saw Call Me By Your Name Saturday night, and feared it might be another gay film for straight people like Moonlight.

It was so much more than that. Really moving, and complex. (A slow build for the first hour, then it went unexpected places.) Beautiful.

(Not visually beautiful, though--that was my main complaint. Quite a missed opportunity.)

The title also bugged me a bit. What did that mean? Was it literal? Why?

I was hoping it would fall into place once I saw it. Yup. Beautiful.

I'm going to watch it again with another friend tonight.

It kind of makes me want to read the book, though that never seems to go well. It's all spoiled already. I'm afraid I used this one up on the film.

Call Me By Your Name


I watched it again two night later, and loved it even more--that's pretty rare for me. But so much was revealed that it cast much of what came before in a different light. Interesting to watch it knowing.

It's easily my favorite film of the past few years. And I found it visually beautiful this time, too.

2nd update:

I got the book, and loving that, too. (See following post.)

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