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Back into the writing groove (on gay soldiers)

First time in weeks I woke up dreaming copy.* It wasn't even directly for this book, but close, so I grabbed my phone and recorded it. And then more, for the gay soldiers book directly, followed.

Then at the gym tonight, first time in a long time, more copy came to me effortlessly. I had taken printouts a couple times last month, and worked on it, but it was a bit of a struggle. This time, I didn't plan anything, but a scene I had finished this afternoon--so I thought--opened up again, and spilled out more vividly and more succinct. And another bit from this morning elongated, but I think it's better this way.

I ran upstairs to the desk to borrow a pen and paper and got it all down. Here is just a bit (it went on for several sheets):

TMPL gym, gay soldiers book writing

Maybe this New Years thing has some magic after all.

So nice to be back in the groove again. Everything feels better. Everything feels ahhhhhhhhhh.

* That was all yesterday, actually. I had a bit of a blog glitch and had to repost this.

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