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I signed 'Columbine' copies around Chicago

I'm visiting my family for Christmas, and signed several copies of Columbine at local bookstores around the Chicago suburbs the past few days:

  • 4 copies: Barnes & Noble Old Orchard, Skokie, IL.

  • 3 copies: Barnes & Noble Evanston, IL.

  • 6 copies: Barnes & Noble Schaumburg, IL.

  • 2 copies: Barbara's Bookstores at O'Hare at Terminal 2.

Columbine Barnes & Noble Evanston Dave Cullen B&N

You can phone them to order a copy, or I sign periodically at several NYC stores. Columbine ordering information here.

If you know Korean speakers, here are direct links to the new Korean Columbine translation. And let any teachers know about the free Columbine Teacher's Guide.

I made good progress on my gay soldiers book while driving (dictating). I hope to be signing those fairly soon.


I'm behind at hitting NYC stores, but will get back on that once it warms up! It's arctic in NY now, and too cold for the bike. But we'll have some warm spells soon.

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