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New Korean translation of 'Columbine'

What an exciting day. My Korean translation of Columbine just arrived. It looks beautiful. I love the tasteful layout inside and the elegant title pages for each section as well.

Korean translation Columbine Dave Cullen Korea true crime

I've gotten such a great response from Korean-American readers, and happy Koreans can finally read it in their native language.

Of course we included all the updates in the expanded American edition, including the afterward, epilogue, school diagram and journal scans from Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Columbine Korean translation Dave Cullen Korea

I can't wait to show it to my Korean friends and sister-in-law, to have them read some passages to me.

Here are direct links to purchase the book from major Korean retailers:

My publisher also sent the new edition of the Korean literary journal Mysteria, with an in-depth interview with me about the book. (It also includes a bit on my upcoming gay soldiers book. One of the two protagonists of that book is a Korean-American, who emigrated from Seoul when he was 7 years old, and went on to graduate West Point and serve as a distinguished army officer.)

Mysteria Korean mystery magazine, Dave Cullen Columbine

Mysteria Korean mystery magazine, Dave Cullen Columbine Anderson Cooper

I will be back with more great pix and info about the Mysteria magazine.

My Columbine intro video will also give you a quick overview of the tragedy and the book (3 minutes).

FYI, Columbine is also available in Japanese translation.

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