Best Columbine doc ever, now on Showtime (with me)

I have been featured in several of these Columbine documentaries, and I always cringe when they finally hit the air and I press Play. You never know what you're going to get. They are generally very good, but often a bit sensationalist and . . . I've surrendered trust to them.

(Obviously, I vet them carefully, but then it's all in their hands.)

I'm pleased to say Showtime's new Columbine documentary — the 8th and final episode of their powerful Active Shooter series — hit it out of the park. It is easily the best documentary in the 18-plus years since the tragedy. You can watch it online.

Here are a few screen-captures of me from the episode. (They use Kate Battan and me to kind of narrate most of the events that transpired that day, and me to lay out the Columbine myths.)

I have several behind the scenes photos and videos from filming. I'll dig those up from this summer (when we shot it, in Denver and Littleton), and post them soon.

I was also in a really good episode of CNN's The Nineties this summer, on terrorism, though it was brief.

Now, back to work on my gay soldiers book. I'm trying hard not to get distracted! (Distractions everywhere. Sigh.)

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