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Nick Bilton's Vanity Fair podcast: 'The Psychology Behind Mass Shootings'

Inside the Hive w Nick Bilton, Vanity Fair podcast

I just did Vanity Fair's weekly podcast "Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton* titled: The Psychology Behind Mass Shootings.

The intro at Vanity Fair:

Fort Hood, Aurora, Orlando, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and now Las Vegas: after yet another record-breaking shooting in the United States, a majority of Americans are left asking themselves why mass shootings continue to occur and if they will ever end. More than 33,000 people per year are now killed by gun violence in this country, a figure with little hope of ebbing, despite the N.R.A.’s recent concession to support new restrictions on so-called “bump stocks.”

But Dave Cullen, the author of the ground-breaking book Columbine, the definitive work on the horrific 1998 mass shooting at Columbine High School, in Colorado, explains on the latest episode of Inside the Hive what he believes will stop the tide of these horrific events.

* Nick is one of Vanity Fair's standout writers, and also a great author, including American Kingpin this year. Check out Nick's books.

I also did a shorter stint on The Intercepted podcast a few days ago. More on it.

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