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I discuss Las Vegas & Columbine on Intercepted podcast: 'Guns Before Country'

Intercepted podcast Guns Before Country Jeremy Scahill Dave Cullen

Jeremy Scahill interviewed me for this week’s “Intercepted” podcast at The Intercept titled GUNS BEFORE COUNTRY. I lay out the 3 main types of mass murderers and discuss where we are into the investigation of the Las Vegas shooter at this point, compared to Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.

(I was stunned to learn, in 2012, that there are just three. I wrote an in-depth piece about the three types for Newsweek: What Does A Killer Think?)

I won't mention the killer's name, BTW. I explain why in the new Columbine epilogue, and my BuzzFeed piece on disappearing killers.

I’m the first guest on this week's podcast, starting about 14:00, after Jeremy’s fiery intro monologue.

Jeremy is a brilliant guy, and it's such a pleasure to do interviews like that. The clip is only about three minutes, but we spoke for over half an hour to get there. He's really sharp, and knowledgeable, and most importantly, he's got an insatiable curiosity to dig deep and understand the nuances of these things.

He's a remarkable journalist, many years as a war correspondent and author of two books--Dirty Wars and Blackwater. He got an Oscar nomination for the documentary film Dirty Wars that he made from his own book. That's the absurdly bad* lighting for our group selfie in their studio after the interview.

Metaphorically bad? Haha. Jeremy has made a career delving into murky, scary stuff. In Dirty Wars, you can see him driving into some totally unsafe regions of Afghanistan, right after a botched U.S. drone strike to interview victims' families, when no American was safe there.

Intercepted podcast Guns Before Country Jeremy Scahill Dave Cullen The Intercept

Jeremy Scahill Dave Cullen Intercepted The Intercept

And The Intercept's offices are right around the corner from Union Square, so while I was down there, I popped into the Barnes & Noble there to sign their nine copies of Columbine, which they'll ship anywhere. (Order info.)

Columbine autographed Barnes & Noble Non-Fiction Favorites true crime

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