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A year after Pulse shooting, same questions (Vanity Fair)

Vanity Fair just surprised me with this tweet:

A year after the Pulse shooting in Orlando, V.F. contributor @DaveCullen's questions still haven't been answered.

I went back and reread the piece I wrote for them the day the Pulse attack happened. Sadly, they're right.

Pulse nightclub shooting mass murder Vanity Fair Hive Dave Cullen

What a horrible day that was. I didn't get the news until the afternoon, because I was driving back from an annual family reunion. (We usually have it the same weekend, so I guess I will associate each anniversary with that trip.) It really shocked me. I thought I was past shock, covering so many mass shootings since writing Columbine, but as a gayguy, this one really hit home. That's what I wrote about in the piece.

Two days later, I wrote a followup piece on how so many of us gayguys feel rage before coming out, so I wasn't surprised to learn much of the early evidence pointed to him being gay.

Even now, those pieces are intense for me to reread. I hope there are some insights for you in there.

Update: Vanity Fair tends to call me to write for them when something awful happens. Sigh. After Trump's transgender ban by tweet, I wrote "Betrayal": Transgender Troops React to Trump's Ban for them.

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