Columbine Teacher's Guide gets new look

I just gave the Columbine Teacher's Guide a new streamlined look. It should be easier to read and navigate, and easier on the eyes.

Columbine Teacher's Guide

Ever more schools are using Columbine, but I don't think most teachers know the guide exists, or that we've made it free online. So if you happen to know a teacher or principal, or you're a parent or student, let them know.

And students, there's also a free Columbine Student Guide. For research, I set up The Columbine Guide. And my intro Columbine video is a great way to get kids engaged.

Popular modules from the Columbine Teacher's Guide:

Thanks all the teachers and profs who helped me create and refine the guide. And keep linking!


(The teacher's guide was down for much of the past year because of a hack. We cleaned up several months ago. I worked with Google and GoDaddy on insuring it was clean, beefing up security, and changing the passwords. We've had no more trouble. More on the hacking in this post from May.)

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