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A week back in Colorado—Man, I needed that

I'm back from a tranquil week in Denver and Boulder, not nearly long enough.

I wasn't surprised by how refreshing it was, because my 2015 trip reminded me why I stayed so long. It's such a peaceful place. I actually planned a trip last summer, but had to delay. Then an opportunity arose (more on that soon), so I went almost on the spur of the moment.

It was great to see old friends, do some business, see some Columbine survivors and write! It's really good for my writing. Got my writing momentum back. Thank you, Boulder.

I also signed some copies of Columbine. More on that here.

(I ran out of time to go see Lucia Berlin's grave. Ack! Next time.)

Here are two Boulder pics, and then a signing pic and video in Westminster, Colorado. (Info on getting autographed Columbine copies here.)

Dave Cullen Boulder, Colorado, Patrick Brown

Dave Cullen Boulder, Colorado, Beau Bosley German Shepherd, AstroTurf

Autographed Columbine Barnes & Noble Westminster, Holy Name High School

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