Eric's 'Hitmen For Hire' assignment added to Columbine Guide

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Today I uploaded Eric Harris' kind of shocking 'Hitmen For Hire' school assignment to The Columbine Guide. It's dated four months before the Columbine massacre. It accompanies the video of the same name that Eric made with Dylan Klebold, their most notorious production, in retrospect. At the time, it was easily written off as an absurdist spoof.

This assignment is Eric's business plan for "Hitmen For Hire," including an overview of the "product," business organization, plans for fundraising and advertising. (See the TOC.)

You can read his whole plan at the guide (it's a quick read), and there's a link to the video there, too.

I am adding more material to The Columbine Guide each day, and I think I've fixed all the links that went bad over the 15 years or so since I first created it.

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