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Added Dylan Klebold's 'Senior Predictions' to The Columbine Guide

Dylan Klebold 'Senior Predictions' school essay, Columbine Sue Klebold

I totally overhauled my Columbine Guide site the past few weeks. It's got a new look, new org, and I fixed 17 years' worth of broken links.

Now that it's easier to get to everything I'm adding more material every few days, especially from the big reservoir of the writings of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold about Columbine.

Today I added Dylan Klebold's heartbreaking essay, "Senior Predictions." It's only 2 pages, yet captures an alternate life--what could have been, if he had not gone along with Eric Harris's plan to attack Columbine.

(At the time Dylan wrote this, Eric and Dylan had already chosen the general time and place for the attack months earlier. But Dylan Klebold's journal indicates that he had no intention of going through with it: he was planning to commit suicide long before. But he didn't seem to find the will to do the suicide on his own, and Eric offered another way out.)

On a related note, see my previous post on Sue Klebold. Sue released a really wonderful TED Talk about Dylan and Columbine two days ago, and she has inspired me to dig out a few more items on Dylan that I have not looked at for years, but is probably new to many of you.

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