Sunset! (Christmas homecoming)

I just had a wonderful time visiting my family in Chicago for Christmas. So good to see everyone. (And it cleared my head to break through on a chapter that was giving me fits in my gay soldiers book.)

It always feels good to come home, though. Usually. I'd not been out of NYC enough, and starting to OD on it a but, but as we descended toward JFK, the most gorgeous sunset greeted us.

None of these pics employed a filter — it just looked that great.

Here's my favorite shot:

JFK sunset planes Christmas

This next shot was actually moments earlier, the first that caught my eye. I think it's the Far Rockaways, which I mostly know from the Ramones song "Rockaway Beach."

JFK sunset Far Rockaways Christmas 2017

I felt kinda bad for everyone still cueing up to get home, but that's par for the course at the NYC airports--most airports, I guess:

JFK sunset planes Christmas 2017

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