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4 generations of my family

Look at that. 4 generations of my family! I had no idea that existed in one picture.

Nor had I laid eyes on my great-grandfather (the older man with glasses).

And my parents turned out to be young once! Haha. I had no idea my mom was pretty. Haha. Great smile.

That's my parents on the left in the top pic, feeding my oldest sister, then my father's paternal grandfather, then my dad's mother.

My dad must have switched places with his father behind the camera for the second shot. That's grandpa Joe hovering over his father. His daughter (my dad's sister) is sitting on the floor, and the white-haired woman is my Aunt Bess (sister to my great grand-father in glasses).

I don't remember my grandmother (in both pictures, with black hair), because she died when I was four. Growing up, her funeral was my earliest memory. I remember being fascinated by the holy cards, which I loved. I imagine they used them to keep me amused and shut me up. :)

And great-grandpa died within a year of this picture. Sad.

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