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Emma González called BS. David Hogg called out Adult America. The uprising had begun.


Since Columbine unleashed an epidemic, we felt powerless to stop these horrors. America remains awash in guns. Parkland changed everything. These astonishing students had learned the lessons of Newtown, and struck back lightning fast.


Parkland chronicles the birth of a movement — the first real hope to finally end the scourge of the school shooter era, which began before they were born. How they channeled their anger into a  movement is a remarkable story.

This is a completely different take on the tragedy than Columbine. That book was about what drove the killers, and how the community recovered. Parkland is about neither — I refuse to even name the pathetic killer, who is now irrelevant. This book is entirely about the response — the amazing March For Our Lives kids. It's about a way out.


Birth of a Movement

New York Times Bestseller

"One of the most uplifting books you will read all year.”

Washington Post


Vanity Fair

Washington Post

NPR Books


Library Journal

Kirkus Reviews

American Library Association

Book Riot

NPR's A1

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"This book is about the birth of something extraordinary: the birth of a movement, but also the rebirth of hope.”

New York Times Book Review

Starred Reviews

— Publishers Weekly

— Kirkus

— Booklist


"More important now than ever."

 — Esquire, 2018


"One of the most uplifting books you will read all year."

 — Washington Post, 2019


Parkland Reviews

Starred Review

Cullen has produced masterpieces that are simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful about a saner future.

— Kirkus


Starred Review

The author of the groundbreaking Columbine, brings his eloquence, expertise, combination of deep research and concision, and unbiased perspective to yet another mass school shooting, revealing its deepest layers and resonance. . . .

This moving, defining, and important account
of an essential and vital youth movement dedicated to change and saving lives belongs in every public and school library.

— Booklist


Starred Review

In this page-turner, something hopeful has risen phoenixlike from the Valentine’s Day 2018 massacre. . . . Both realistic and optimistic, this insightful and compassionate chronicle is a fitting testament to a new chapter in American responses to mass shootings.

— Publishers Weekly

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It's exceptional. I really look forward to it being unleashed to the world, because the Parkland students really did something. They are a political force to be reckoned with in our country.

— Elise Jordan, NBC political analyst



Dave has been a frequent analyst about Columbine, Parkland, school shootings, gays and soldiers on Today, NBC Nightly News, PBS Newshour, Nightline, Morning Edition, CBS This Morning, CBS Sunday Morning, CBSN, Anderson Cooper 360, Rachel Maddow, All In With Chris Hayes, Katie, Talk of the Nation, Hannity, and numerous documentaries including CNN, NatGeo, Showtime and The Nineties.

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""One of the most uplifting books you will read all year."

— Washington Post

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