Dave Cullen, author of Columbine

The Expanded Paperback

The paperback edition of Columbine was published in March 2010. It contains about 20 pages of new material, expanding on the hardcover.

Columbine, paperback edition

New York Times Bestseller
Edgar Award Winner

The key new feature is an afterward offering updates on three survivors, illustrating how differently they have wrestled with grief and "forgiveness."

In the process of reporting those updates, I discovered four secret meetings between two victims' families and the Harris and Klebold parents. These had never previously been revealed. The afterword describes how those meetings played out, and what we learned about the parents' views of Eric and Dylan.

Other new material

A large-print edition was released at the same time. The book is also available in Kindle, Nook, audibook on CD, cassette, or audible.com. The Japanese translation was released in late 2010, and the Korean translation is due in 2011.

Excerpt, scanned from the paperback edition:

Columbine afterword excerpt in the papgerback edition


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