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"This was my top pick from the moment I read it back in the summer, and it remained so, as it did everything I want in a book, and at a high level. It took a story that all Americans think we know, and then, by using meticulous research, a mesmerizing voice, a highly skilled use of non-chronological time, and characters so well-drawn they still come to mind every day, showed us that everything we thought we understood was wrong."—Rachel Simon

"An extraordinary book. It vividly reconstructs the tragic events of April, 20, 1999, while at the same time opening up the inner lives of the people involved. Exquisitely structured and painstakingly researched, Columbine treats its subject matter with a compassionate scrutiny, and Dave Cullen holds a steady eye on both the blameless and the guilty in this intimate portrait of violence and community."—Lee Martin

"A nuanced and fascinating account of the characters and events that surround the shootings at Columbine. This heart-stopping book allows one to examine the shootings from multiple angles, giving the reader a glimpse into a seemingly incomprehensible tragedy."—Danielle Trussoni

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