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We are releasing an expanded edition, including a new epilogue and many more scans from the killers' journals and pairing them with their other writing and drawings.

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Please post a selfie with it and tag me if you get a new copy. Thanks.

The expanded edition also includes book club questions and some great exercises from the Columbine Teacher's Guide. (Teachers can download the guide separately for free.)

With the added scans, you can see Eric's detailed drawings of his attack gear, with 'Napalm' printed on the tank to be strapped to his back. You can read Eric's full apology letter to the van owner, and right below it, his vicious journal attack on the same man, at the same time. This is a key moment depicted in the book: now you can read it for yourself. You can now read Dylan's entire creative writing story presaging the murders that he turned into English class just two months prior. You can see Eric's budget for the attack and To Do list, and five pages filled with giant hearts from Dylan's shockingly loving (as well as angry) journal.


I try to keep a supply of signed copies at Barnes & Noble at Union Square in NYC. They ship worldwide. Call to make sure they have a signed copy: 212-253-0810. (If they do not, email me and I'll try to head down there soon: dave@davecullen.com )

Note: I love supporting indie bookstores, and The Strand used to be great about carrying my book and helping me keep signed copies, but since a staff change, that became problematic, and they typically just carry one or two copies now. (Strand contact info, or Columbine at their site).

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There are two paperback editions: 1) The US publisher, TWELVE, and 2) the UK publisher, OLD STREET. Only the TWELVE paperback has the new material added March 2010 and 2016.