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The tumultuous story of two gay soldiers, who forge a lifelong friendship before, during, and after Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Brett and Drake battle for love and freedom to survive three wars and one exhausting policy.

The two adopt wildly different strategies to outmaneuver the silent adversary, yet each rises deftly toward Lt. Colonel,* inside the great American war machine as it rumbles through adventures in the Middle East.

Two harrowing love stories — at war.

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New Edition

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Columbine 2016 expanded edition cover, including Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and Columbine High School massacre

New epilogue, journals scans, diagram, teacher's guide


"Tackles the hardest question of all: why? Come away from Cullen's unflinching account with a deeper understanding of what drove these boys to kill."
— Publishers Weekly, starred review


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More Relevant Than Ever

Columbine 2016 expanded edition back cover--Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Sue Klebold

"This superb work of investigation looks to be a definitive account."
Columbia Journalism Review


Edgar Award
Best Nonfiction 2009

Goodreads Choice Award
Best Nonfiction 2009

Barnes & Noble Discover Award
Best Nonfiction 2009

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Top Education Book 2009
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The Truth About The Fact Award
Best Nonfiction 2009

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"Accomplishes an astonishing number of things in compelling, articulate prose . . . Most remarkable is Cullen's ability to present an onslaught of facts while recreating such anguish and fear. Columbine is a valuable historic resource, but it roils the heart, too."
Miami Herald

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Columbine Book Trailer


Excerpt of new epilogue



"Read this book for its unflinching honesty . . . You may want to leave the horror behind you — that may be why you haven't yet picked up Columbine, journalist Dave Cullen's spectacularly gripping account. But Cullen's chilling narrative is too vital to miss."
O: The Oprah Magazine



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Columbine Autographed expanded edition Dave Cullen 2016, Barnes & Noble


"Like Capote's In Cold Blood, this tour de force gets below the who and what of a horrifying incident to lay bare the devastating why."
— People



Columbine Teacher's Guide            Columbine Online--The online companion to COLUMBINE, a powerful research tool

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