"The Largesse Of The Sea Maiden"!

January 13, 2018

Only 3 more days!


Denis Johnson's The Largesse Of The Sea Maiden comes out Tuesday, and my pre-order should arrive then. 


His story collection Jesus' Son is my favorite book written in my lifetime, and this is his follow-up collection, 25 years later. Hopefully worth the wait! 


(Unfortunately, I'm enthralled with Call Me By Your Name at the moment. But these are short stories, so maybe I'll jump back and forth. Good problem to have.)


Tuesday Update: Those Amazon bastards screwed me. My credit card was expired, which they notified me of on Monday, as it was about to ship. I provided a different card right away, but they say it's not coming until Thursday. I'm not sure why that should add a two-day delay, or 3 days for 2-day shipping. It's a short delay in the grand scheme, but I was sure looking forward to opening it today.


Wednesday update: It's now coming today. Yea!!! (I'm trying to read more of Call Me By Your Name before it arrives.)


It arrived!


Update, Feb 6:

I'm halfway through. There are moments of brilliance, though it's not in a league with Jesus' Son. (But what is?)


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