I'm on CNN's The Nineties tonight, discussing Columbine

August 6, 2017

Hopefully, CNN won't use all my goofy faces tonight. There are so many!


We shot my interview about Columbine for their documentary series "The Nineties" back in January, and it debuts tonight (Sunday) at 9pm ET.*



Each episode tackles a major theme from the 90s, and the title of this one is "Terrorism hits home." (Yes they worked Columbine in with Oklahoma City, the rise of Osama Bin Laden, The Unabomer, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.)


I've been enjoying the series since The 60s, so I'm optimistic that they did a good job. I've not seen it yet. (And I have no idea how much they'll use me.)


Coincidentally, the (new, expanded) edition of Columbine is 55% off at Amazon right now ($7.76). I don't control that (nor do I ever know why), but that's unheard of.  Columbine at Amazon.



BTW, I was dogsitting Bobby Sneakers that week and showed up with "dog all over you" in the words of one producer. Whoops. Big props to the great make-up woman in the pic who culled him off me with a roller.)


Note: I also shot interviews for a much longer Columbine documentary coming soon to another network. Details of that still have to remain hush hush.


* If you miss the show tonight, they rerun them several times during the week. (Starting with 3 hours later tonight, I think.) But there are so many news pre-emptions in this breaking-news-palooza that all bets are off on that. 



Update: I liked what they did. I'll post clips soon. (And CNN will replay it several times this Saturday and Sunday. The first is very late Friday night--technically Saturday a.m.) 


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