Dave Cullen, author of Columbine

Recent Updates

To Columbine Online

  • Added Before/After photos of Columbine High in 1999 and 2009—Nov 2010

  • Added photof of the Columbine Memorial—Nov 2010

  • Added 15 pages of scans from Dylan's journal, with commentary—Oct 2010

  • Redesigned the site layout, with a new drop-down menu bar for easy navigation—Oct 2010

  • Added commentary to scans of a dozen of Eric's drawings and diagrams—Oct 2010

  • Added the 10-page scan of Eric's Diversion program intake questionnaire—Oct 2010

  • Added a dozen photos to the Pictures of Eric and Dylan page, with commentary. These include screen-captures from Hitmen for Hire, and surveillance footage from the attack— Oct 2010

  • Added five detailed police diagrams of the attack and two satelitte photos, with extensive commentary—Oct 2010

  • Expanded the Victims page and added a primer on PTSD—Oct 2010

  • Added information and links to the Columbine Memorial—Oct 2010

  • Create an FAQ page—Oct 2010

  • Added a new Video Section to The Columbine Guide—Sep 2010

  • Created this Updates page to make it easier to see what's new—Sep 2010

  • Pared down and simplified the section-heading pages and the Intro page e—Sep 2010

  • Created the Columbine Columbine Discussion Board—June 2010


    To Davecullen.com & Other Sites

  • Created the Columbine Student Guide—Nov 2010

  • Created and Advice for Writers & Journalists page—Oct 2010

  • Greatly expanded and re-designed the Instructor Guide in a modular format. Added course-specific modules for Psychology and Creative Writing—Oct 2010

  • Redesigned the site layout, with a new drop-down menu bar for easy navigation—Oct 2010

  • Created a new Online page organizing all the places I'm active online in one place, to make it easier to follow me and connet—Sep 2010

  • Created a Spread The Word page suggesting 5 simple ways you can help Columbine build an audience—Sep 2010

  • Redesigned My Blog and resumed posting regularly—Sep 2010

  • Added Skyping with schools: Example for teachers to see how Columbine could be used effectively in the classrom—Aug 2010

  • Created the Videos for classes & book clubs page—Aug 2010

  • Re-launched the Columbine book trailer—Aug 2010

  • Created the Students PageJun 2010

  • Columbine won the Edgar Award—Apr 2010

  • Created the Columbine Instructor Guide—Apr 2010

  • Columbine won the Barnes & Noble Discover Award. (This also means the book will be 20% off in all B&N stores for one year, nationwide.)—Mar 2010

  • The expanded paperback edition of Columbine was released—Mar 2010

  • Embarked on a schools tour of high schools and universities across the country—Spring 2010